Employment Insurance – Important Changes That May Affect Your Employees

The Canadian federal government has reduced the waiting period for employment insurance (EI) benefits. Effective January 1st, 2017, the mandatory waiting period before EI benefits become payable was reduced from two weeks to one week. This also means that the EI payment period is reduced from 17 weeks down to 16 weeks, however the 15 week period of paid benefits … Read More

New Appointment to our Management Team

The Hull  Group is very pleased to announce the following appointment within Thomas I. Hull Insurance Limited: Olivier Bue Olivier has been appointed Vice President, Commercial Insurance.  Olivier joined The Hull Group in 2008 to focus on growing our commercial book of business.  Early on, Olivier showed strength in the marketing side of the business, as well as a keen interest in some of the more … Read More

Action Required NOW to Maintain Grandfathering Status of Your Life Insurance

The Canadian government has for many years been examining the life insurance industry, looking to reduce the tax favourable treatment of life insurance products. For many years Canadians have had access to the only three remaining tax-sheltered financial vehicles (our personal residences, TFSA’s and life insurance) used to create, protect, and preserve wealth. Now the government is looking to reduce … Read More

Change is Coming for Ontario Auto Insurance

Typically, when people hear the words “change is coming”, it stirs up feelings of uncertainty and perhaps concern. But change is a necessary means to continuous improvement. As Bob Dylan once said, “there is nothing so stable as change”. In an overall effort to make automobile insurance more affordable in Ontario, the provincial government has introduced a number of changes … Read More

Take Care Before You Share

Of the countless hot button issues surrounding emerging technologies, the “Sharing Economy” seems to be right at the epicenter. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and short term property rental services like Airbnb have offered efficient and cost effective alternatives to traditional services, resulting in exponential growth in both the adoption and continued use of these platforms. As these … Read More

Prevent Water Damage Before It Happens

According to a study by Aviva Canada Inc., the average cost of a water damage claim in Canada has risen from $7,192 to more than $15,500 over a 10 year period 1. The study further finds that approximately 40% of all home insurance claims are due to water damage. With the arrival of spring comes the inevitable transition of cold … Read More

D&O Insurance: Important Protection for Important People

The most common misconception about Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is that this coverage is only a necessity for large, publicly traded companies. Smaller companies with fewer shareholders may think their exposure to these types of claims may be minimal or nonexistent; however, private companies can face “professional liability” claims from several sources: employees, investors, creditors, customers, competitors, and government … Read More

Drive safe and save: Ontario’s new Winter Tire Discount explained

The Ontario Ministry of Finance announced in the fall of 2015 that it will require all provincial insurance companies to offer a discount for drivers who have purchased and installed winter tires on their vehicles. This mandate, effective January 1, 2016, is part of the province’s plan to help reduce auto insurance rates. The most obvious component of this initiative … Read More

Bodily Injury and Property Damage: A Cyber Perspective

Cyber-related risk is a hot button issue in the insurance community and the business community at large. Having a cyber component to your company’s insurance program is now the status quo, with many insurers offering stand alone cyber policies, or at the very least, endorsements and other add-ons that help in transferring this risk. These coverages protect against first party … Read More