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The Hull Group gets you the protection you need, without all the confusion or complexity.
Our product is peace of mind.®

Offering the best advice since 1954, The Hull Group experts know how to keep you protected.

The Hull Group Truth.

At The Hull Group, we present our most qualified experts, those who understand you and your business, and can provide sophisticated solutions for both your business and your personal insurance needs, including benefits and life insurance programs.


Established in 1954, we have a proven track record in creating innovative insurance solutions that have been carefully constructed – customized to your industry sector and your unique needs – and delivered through a single conduit for your convenience, privacy and peace of mind.

Thought Leadership

Looking for business insurance?

Our people are highly skilled insurance professionals with access to the insurance products and coverage that apply to your specific industry. At The Hull Group, we focus on understanding your business and all of its intricacies, so we can get you the best coverage.

Looking for personal insurance?

At The Hull Group, our seasoned experts have the knowledge and industry network to handle everything from the most basic personal insurance requirements, to the most unique and complex needs. We have built our reputation on being able to handle any particular circumstance with the highest level of service.

Looking for some help?

With so many insurance products on the market, it can be very confusing and overwhelming to know what protection you need. As the world changes and your needs change, you need an insurance partner to provide you with expert advice. Let us help you solve all your insurance problems, easily.