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Cyber Risks

The Hull Group understands the evolution of cyber attacks: the extreme vigilance required, adaptive security measures, awareness of new levels and types of business risk, and the rising demand for customized insurance products that mitigate service disruptions, defend profits and maintain image.

It has become increasingly clear that traditional insurance policies no longer adequately protect against the hazards of cyber attacks. “Protect the Perimeter” technology strategies are insufficient. Cyber attackers are gaining ground and many organizations don’t have enough knowledge of the types of business exposures or effective responses during an actual attack.

Damage that results from an inadequate response to a breach can sometimes be worse than the breach itself.

The problem does not end there. In fact, the cyber security environment is getting more risk-prone in the eyes of customers. Early elements of a backlash against digital transactions are already occurring and negative economic implications are beginning to materialize.

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