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– by Nancy Costa, Vice President, The Hull Group

Accidents happen and they can result in a claim against you under your home or auto insurance policy. But what about if there is a gap in coverage and/or your underlying policy limits aren’t enough? Or maybe you don’t even think you have an exposure. Here are some common reasons why you need an umbrella insurance policy to protect your assets and future earnings from expensive lawsuits:

1) You have a long commute or a teenage driver – both these circumstances have associated risks that are greater which is why the premiums are higher.

2) You have a swimming pool and your children invite their friends over – a tragic accident where someone has a life-changing injury or drowns can mean financial ruin if you are sued.

3) You’re a social butterfly and like to host dinner parties at home – guests can get hurt while at your home or they leave the party and injure someone while driving under the influence – you could ultimately be sued for negligence.

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