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Canadian winters can be harsh, so we need to prepare our homes to minimize damage from snow, sleet, ice and wind. Here are some key tips for winterizing your home:

1) Test and maintain smoke detectors.

2) Inspect furnace annually and clean or replace air filters monthly.

3) Leave the heat on and have someone check on your home while on vacation.

4) Ensure all plumbing fixtures are running regularly to prevent frozen pipes.

5) Test plumbing shut-off valves.

6) Inspect your attic for frost accumulation and check your roof for ice dams or icicles.

7) Keep your home’s sidewalks and front stairs clear of snow and ice

8) Keep snow off gas meters, appliance and exhaust vents, and basement windows.

9) Drain garden hose and trim branches near your home or electrical wires

10) Prevent frozen pipes by fitting exposed pipes with insulation sleeves.


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